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Welcome to our restaurant

We have been serving delicious Mexican cuisine for 8 years.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated, serving our community with authentic Mexican cuisine. Our menu features a variety of dishes, but we are especially proud of our famous Molcajete, chimichangas, and enchiladas. And now, we are excited to announce that we have Margaritas available for you to enjoy with your meal.

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The best Mexican food in Nashville

Our Mexican Rice is also a must-try, and we highly recommend our Chuy’s Special - a layered dish of grilled chicken, steak, and rice covered in cheese dip, served with tortillas.

Specialties | Especialidades

Cheese – $3.99

Spinach – $4.99

Beef or Chicken – $5.75

Chorizo – $7.99

Grilled Steak or Chicken – $7.99

Grilled Shrimp – $8.99

Mushroom – $5.99

Grilled Vegetables $6.25

Refried Beans – $2.50

Mexican Rice – $2.50

Mexican Rice with Cheese – $4.99

Sour Cream – $1.70

Pico de Gallo – $1.80

Grilled Chicken or Steak – $8.99

Jalapeños – $1.60

Grilled Chicken or Steak with Cheese dip – $9.99

Tortillas (corn or Flour) – $1.75

Shredded Cheese – $2.00

Fries – $3.50

Chiles bravos or chile toreados – $3.25

Shrimp – $10.99

Burrito Combos

Buffalo Wings (12) $15.99

Queso con Chorizo $9.99

Bean Dip $5.50

Guacamole Dip (small) $5.75 (large) $9.25

Cheese Dip (small) 5.75 (large) &9.25

Spinach Dip (small) $5.75 (large) 9.25

Nachos with cheese or beans $5.99

Nachos with chicken $7.99

Nachos with Beef $7.99

Nachos with beef and beans $7.99


Guacamole Casero – $10.25

Chunks of avocado mixed with tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime and salt 


Nachos Especial – $10.99

Cheese nachos covered in rice, grilled steak or chicken, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and sour cream


Nachos Supremos – $10.99

Cheese nachos with beef, chicken, beans and lettuce covered with tomatoes and sour cream


Queso Fundido – $9.99

Chorizo (mexican sausage) topped with melted cheese. Served with pico de gallo and tortillas


Dickerson Sampler – $10.99

Two taduitos, one chicken, one chopped beef, two flautas with chicken or beef, two small quesadillas, served with choice of guacamole or cheese dip


Papitas Mexicanas – $9.99

Grilled seasoned french fries, onions, bell peppers tomatoes and jalapeños covered in cheese dip – Add Grilled chicken or steak $10.99


Stuffed Jalapeños – $7.75

Five fried pickled jalapeños stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Served with sour cream $7.75

One taco, two enchiladas, and rice

One taco, one enchilada and one chalupa

One enchilada, one taco and one chile relleno

Two tacos, one enchilada and one chile con queso

Two beef enchiladas, rice and beans

One beef enchilada, one taco, rice and beans

One enchilada, one chile relleno, rice and beans

One enchilada, one tamale, rice and beans

One beef enchilada, one chalupa and rice

Two beef tacos, rice and beans

One beef burrito, one taco and one enchilada

One chalupa, one chile relleno, rice and beans

One enchilada, one burrito and one chile relleno

One taco, one chile burrito, and one chalupa

One beef burrito, one enchilada and one tamale

One chalupa, one chile relleno and one burrito

One burrito, one enchilada, rice and beans

One chalupa, one chile relleno and one beef enchilada

One chalupa, one burrito and one enchilada

One chile relleno, one taco, rice and beans

One taco, one burrito and one chalupa

One burrito, one chile rellenos and one taco

One taco, one beef burrito with rice and beans

One chile relleno, one beef burrito and rice

One chalupa, one taco and one tostada

Two tamales, rice and beans


Please add $1.00 for cheese dip substitutions. Conor


Grilled chicken breast or beef skirt steak; onions, bell peppers and tomatoes, garnished with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Served with tortillas, rice and beans.


Single Order

Double Order

On The Grille

Burrito (beef or Chicken) – $4.99 or (2) $7.99

Bean Burrito – &4.25 or (2) $7.25

Chalupa $4.25 or (2) $7.25

Tostada $4.99 or (2) $7.99

Tostaguac $4.99 (2) $7.99

Enchilada $3.50 or (3) $7.99

Chile Relleno $4.99 or (2) $7.99

Chimichanga (1) $5.75

Shrimp Chimichanga (1) $7.99

Taco Steak or Grilled Chicken $3.99 or (3) $8.25

Taco Beef or Chicken $2.75 or (3) $7.50

Tamale $3.99 or (3) $7.99

Chile Poblano $5.25 or (2) $9.50

Asado – $2.50

Pollo – $2.50

Carnitas – $2.50

Chorizo $2.50

Partor – $3.50

Pescado – $3.50

Camarón – $3.50

Torta de Milanesa – $11.99

Torta Cubana – $15.99

Mulitas – $6.99

Mulitas con camarones(Shrimp)- $7.99

7 Mares – $19.99

Camarones $17.99

Aguachiles $17.99

Coctel de Camarones $15.99

Fish & Seafood

Vegetarian Combinations - $10.99 each

  1. One chalupa, one cheese enchilada and beans
  2. Two bean burritos topped with cheese dip and mild sauce
  3. One bean burrito, one bean and cheese tostada and one cheese enchilada
  4. One bean burrito, one quesadilla and one chalupa
  5. One cheese enchilada, one quesadilla and rice
  6. One cheese quesadilla, one bean burrito and one spinach and cheese enchilada
  7. Spinach Burrito – Large flour tortilla filled with fresh cooked spinach and covered with cheese dip. Served with rice and beans.
  8. Spinach Enchiladas – Two spinach & cheese enchiladas covered with cheese sauce. Served with rice and beans.
  9. Four Cheese Enchilada – Choice of red or green salsa topped with chopped onions and shredded cheese.
  10. Veggie Taco Supreme – Three flour tortilla filled with grilled onions, mushrooms, green peppers, refried beans and grated cheese. Whole beans on the side.
  11. Nachos a la Vegetariana – Grilled peppers, onions and tomatoes with steamed veggies. Covered with cheese dip.
  12. Quesadilla Dickerson – Flour tortilla filled with steamed onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Lunch Menu

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday – Friday

Your choice $7.99 each

Please add $.90 for cheese dip substitutions. Choice of filling; seasoned ground beef, chicken, beans or cheese. Beef and chicken fillings are pre-cooked with onion, tomato and bell peppers. To go orders add $.50

Other Great Lunch Values

Child's Menu

(Children 12 and under; for 13 and up, add $1.00)

Cheese Nachos – $6.25

Cheeseburger and Fries – $6.25

One taco, rice and beans – $6.25

Enchilada, rice and beans – $6.25

Burrito, rice and beans – $6.25

Quesadilla, rice and beans – $6.25

Child’s Taco Salad – $6.25

Chicken Tenders and Fries – $6.25

For an expanded view of our menu, press the “Order Here” button.


Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone for more information about our dishes and Mexican cuisine.


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